Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Guide In Preventing High Blood Pressure


Whether young or old, anyone can develop high blood pressure known as the 'silent killer'. Till date the causes of this condition are not known.It is a significant cause of center failure, center illnesses, kidney illnesses and strokes. It is especially risky because there are no indicators or symptoms.

The avoidance of this 'silent killer' condition reduces the need for medical care expenditures and also a significant impact on wellness and total well being.


Research has shown that there are several aspects associated with increase in blood pressure. These aspects are classified into two:

Uncontrollable Danger Factors

Family History



Controllable Danger Factors

Excess Bodyweight.

Excessive intake of liquor.

Lack of frequent work out.

Inadequate calcium, magnesium and potassium nutritional intake.

Excessive intake of (sodium) salt.

High intake of salt nutritional.

Lack of eating plan with much vegetables, fruits, fibers and low saturated fat.

High intake of processed or processed foods.

Cigarette Smoking



Maintain a good and balanced weight: Shed weight if you are overweight.

Learn to manage stress: It is important to identify the causes of your pressure and remove them where possible Practice relaxation techniques, Actual action will help.

Stop Smoke cigarette smoking Smoking: This injures vein wall and improves your chance of developing center problems.

Be Physically Active: Actual work out achieves a moderate level of physical wellness and fitness. Being active is actually a key protection.

Quit Drinking: Alcohol contains high calories, which will make you the proper way increasing the danger factor.

Reducing your salt (sodium salt) intake: Salt improves blood pressure. Actually, the quantity of salt you consume is not just the one you shake into your foods while eating; it's already added in considerable amounts to prepared foods, processed foodstuffs, snacks, and restaurant foods.

Healthy Diet: Consuming right keeps us healthier, there are foods we take that are risky to our body and others that are vitally helpful in keeping us healthier. Most especially foods that have high-cholesterol and fat.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hypertension: The Link Between Stress and High Blood Pressure

Great hypertension and stress are facts of characteristics. Nature designed stress to be a short-term experience to set our systems up to deal with potential or actual risk when it causes the hypertension needed to battle or run away. Contemporary operating and way of way of life, however, are often consistently traumatic and can cause to constantly raised hypertension. Our systems do not respond well to these conditions.

The relationship between stress and hypertension:

The body system reacts to actual physical or psychological stress by launching a increase of testosterone such as adrenalin, in planning for a "fight or flight" reaction. These testosterone restrict the surfaces of veins, the result is a quicker pulse amount and raised systolic and diastolic demands.

Once the cause of stress is settled, pulse amount, systolic and diastolic demands return to regular.

Although short-term stress alone might not cause serious hypertension, some stress-related way of life behaviors brought on by our consistently traumatic modern operating and way of way of life do cause to constantly high BP parts. For example, stress usually brings to:

    unnecessary eating, especially harmful foods;
    being overweight;
    improved alcohol consumption;
    excessive use of caffeine; and
    poor sleep routines.

Each of which can give rise to hypertension.

Controlling hypertension:

Controlling hypertension is a long term activity basically because our BP changes almost from instant to instant and is affected by so many factors. Great hypertension can success as we get older basically as part of the aging process. Treatments that worked earlier in way of life may need to be modified over a chance to maintain our parts within regular stages.

Regardless of whether stress is a direct or oblique factor to our hypertension, reducing stress techniques can help lower hypertension.

Stress is a product of today's operating and way of way of life. If we are to efficiently manage our hypertension within regular stages, we must address the cause or causes of our anxiety, stress and stress whether they be psychological, actual physical or both.

10 Tips to reduce stress:

    Allow here we are at getting too and from work; and, if your perform includes travel, plan your trip and build in rest breaks;
    Arrange your time-table to allow sufficient a chance to complete the task in hand;
    Allow a while for pleasure during perform breaks;
    Focus on finding solutions to problems;
    Avoid negative thoughts in way of life and embrace a positive attitude;
    Spend time with your family and friends;
    Exercise regularly;
    Take up a activity - pleasure can be active as well as passive;
    Improve your diet; and